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★ ★ inabas?

Why are they such attractive old men.

You too Toph.

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    no i dont mean appearance-wise, I mean physically in her face and partially in her figure. im just saying that she...
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    She was never appearance-oriented anyways (She can’t see, why would she care?) So honestly her looking like any other...
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    Toph is more manly than you’ll ever be!
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This is my tumblr in which I post all of the weeaboo things I like and maybe other things too.

I like idolm@ster, Vocaloid, Type-Moon, R07, SMT, Magi, Touhou, Pokemon, A:TLA, Steins;gate, Noragami, Bokura no Kiseki and Akame ga Kill.

I watch seasonal anime. A lot of it So I post seasonal favorites too.

I'm a cosplayer so sometimes I'll post my face.


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